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Our responsibility

We take full responsibility for any and all damages to the customer caused by the damage caused directly by our intentional and gross negligence. Our liability is excluded for damages that are not caused by our fault action or force majeure situation.

Site functionality and refund policy

When making a payment, you confirm that you are paying for the specific products posted on the site. As soon as you register the payment and select the desired payment form, the appropriate amount will be blocked on the bank card or virtual balance.
If due to any defect (for example a technical defect on the part of the operator), the service is not provided on time, our system will contact the provider or partner bank (through which the payment was made) and send a request to the user’s bank account to unlock / return the money (if the payment was made) From the card account).
We will not be able to speed up the process of repaying the liability. We undertake to do our utmost to speed up the process.
The amounts credited to your indication and request for the purchase of the products of your choice will not be refunded if the supplier refuses to cancel the successful payment.

Delivery of products

Product delivery through the website is available only in Georgia;
Products are delivered within 1-3 working days from the day of ordering;
Delivery rates and information on terms are described in each product description.

Restrictions on the use of the Website

Information on the Website may be modified or removed without notice.

You will not receive services from us that we consider to be in breach of the law.

You are prohibited from any unauthorized use of our systems or this website, including unauthorized access to our systems, misuse of passwords or improper use of any information posted on the Website. You agree that we reserve the right to disclose the information provided by you on the Website and to transfer:

1. Any person affiliated with us and his authorized representative

2. Any other person or organization with your consent;


3. In case of the right or obligation to provide information to the relevant person or body in the case provided for by the legislation. Your use of this website or the provision of information on it is considered to be your consent to such transfer of information.